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An Introduction - Ashley Hine

What comes to your mind when you think of marketing? - Sales? Advertising? Deliverables? All understandable.

However, we saw it in a different light. I’m Ash, one of the members here at The Worthington, who alongside my fellow team members Ryan and Kallam, are seeking to provide you with marketing assets to promote your business. But as mentioned, we want to do it differently.

Myself and Ryan have known each other for a long time, however, what brought us all together, and rekindled a friendship, was the love of photography, cinematography and general content creation. But as we went on more shoots together, talked more about how we like to create and discussed the possibilities moving forward and the ideas we had for growth, the path seemingly laid itself and we knew that we all saw a bigger vision, and well wanted to change the market and do it differently.

We didn’t see what we did as simple creating nice images for people to use to sell items. We are creating visual capital to reinforce your branding, accentuate your message and your USP. We all understood that when we work with companies, individuals and brands, we always strived to utilise our view of a third party to pull out the unique elements of a brand; using them as the foundations to stimulate the values a company is built upon. As such, The Worthington was born.



Combining our three talents, we have managed to craft a way to offer extremely unique and bespoke ways of creating marketing assets for you to use. Combing our individual ways of approaching a project, we produce a varied range of materials which are all inspired from our background in the areas of photography and cinematography.

For myself, I first fell in love with photography in a city. To be specific Toronto. I used photography as a tool. It was a way to explore, it allowed me to venture to places I never normally would and see things that most people walk past everyday in a completely different light. It allowed me to take a commonly visited business centre as a piece of architectural beauty, or an alleyway as the perfect set of leading lines for a portrait. Using photography in this way made me appreciate the camera for more than just an item, it became an extension, it became a way for me to show others how I see things and how there can be beauty in the simplest of places and how a stunning area of the world is even more stunning than once thought. It was these lessons that taking photos in a city taught me which I now bring to The Worthington. Working alongside Kallam and Ryan we find compositions where no others may, opportunity where there seemingly might not be any and this is what we look to offer you.

Moving forward, this is now where I look to grow, with my friends, shooting things that we love, demonstrating their uniqueness, creating a message within an image that screams the brand and being passionate about it.

I know I speak for all of us when I say I hope we hear from you soon, thank you for reading, and I hope this has gave you a little insight into me and my involvement at The Worthington.

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