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The Macallan

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

The word alone ignites building blocks within the brain; elegance, class, quality. When it comes to the industry of scotch, there is no doubt that the Macallan is one of the most sought after and well-known whiskies on the market.


“May misfortune follow you the rest of your life and never catch up”
The Macallan

In November 2019, we had the opportunity to visit the brand new £140-million distillery in all of its glory. There are few words to describe the surreal view of driving around a beautiful scene of rolling hills to then be presented with an array of large copper stills; all encapsulated behind a glass panel spanning from the floor to the tallest point of the building.

For any scotch lover, visiting the home of their favourite go-to scotch is a dream come true. The smell of sweet malt and fresh fruits immediately hits you as the doors open. And for the Macallan distillery, this is no different. After being greeted with a welcome dram, eyes are immediately directed to a large panelled display of Macallan bottles surrounding a large tv showing imagery and videos of everything the Macallan has to offer. The heritage demonstrated within the distillery is like no other. There is a story to learn, drams to explore and conversations to be had.


Classic cut 2020

Here at The Worthington, we've been lucky enough to secure two of their incredible rare releases; The Rare Cask and the Classic cut 2020 edition.

Lets dive into the classic cut. 2020 in itself is going to be a year no one is forgetting anytime soon. The international COVID pandemic caused the world to stop; shops closing, schools shutting, liquids in bars wasted. It was a pandemic that no one predicted, and we are only now beginning to ease our restrictions. For us, purchasing a Classic Cut release wasn't essential, however, the history that unfolded within 2020 made this purchase all the more special. This will be a bottle used to reminisce about the year we've just experienced, how far some businesses have come, and how hard it has been for others. A big part of The Worthington's philosophy is to allow smaller companies to gain traction and involve themselves in events that will have an incredible impact on their customer engagements and connections in a similar industry. Its without a doubt that 2020 was the founding year for this company, despite the uncertainty.


Moving into the actual details of the Classic Cut 2020, reveal why it was such a special release for many whisky enthusiasts.

Classic Cut
The Macallan has released Classic Cut 2020 Edition, a higher strength single malt created to deliver a full and heightened flavour. As the fourth edition in the Classic Cut limited annual series, the 2020 release demonstrates The Macallan’s continuous quest to seek out the extraordinary and offers a remarkable flavour journey of discovery.

The Classic Cut 2020 is produced and crafted by the well know Whisky maker; Polly Logan. The expression was crafted using a combination of sherry season European oak casks and ex-bourbon American oak casks to created its unique and distinct flavour.



COLOUR Sunlit straw

AROMA Vanilla with candied orange peel and honey, sweet sultana and raisin with fresh oak and thyme.

PALATE Ginger warmth, sweet orange, vanilla and honey with a fresh vibrant oak.

FINISH Sweet and zingy which travels through to lingering fresh thyme.

ABV 55%



The rare cask is the highlight of the Macallan range for us. Its large lustrous bottle design tapers upwards towards a stunning heavy weight cork with the 'Macallan house' finely imprinted at the tip of the bottle. Its a show stopper. Speaking with guests, talking to clients, enjoying a dram by a fire. We find that this bottle is suitable for almost every occasion.

Rare Cask
Rare Cask's rich mahogany-red whisky showcases two of The Macallan’s greatest and most defining strengths - sherry seasoned oak casks and natural colour.

We currently hold a bottle of Macallan Rare Cask 2017. Though this is not available through the Macallan site, there are plenty of retailers selling these bottles for £450. The rich colour, sherry finish, and delightful aromas are truly breath-taking. This isn't a bottle for every occasion. This is a bottle to hold close to the chest and allow a an occasion to be toasted with the highest honour.



Tasting Notes by The Whisky Exchange

NOSE Vanilla, raisins and with apples, oranges, and spicy ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.

PALATE Echoing the nose, but with spice up front supported by raisin and vanilla in the background.

FINISH Chocolate and raisins fade to light notes of citrus zest.

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