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Cararra Coffee Roasters

Many of my fellow coffee lovers will understand the dire need to satisfy the craving for coffee in the morning. Trudging out of bed in the early hours, it is the rich aroma of the coffee that begins to waken my senses and the first sip hitting my taste buds that gives me the energy to face the day. Therefore, I was thrilled to have the chance to visit and work with Carrara Coffee.

Based in Market Harborough, this small business left an impression on me and I would highly recommend them to others. When I visited, the coffee was roasted by Jay, Carrara's head coffee roaster. ‘Carrara’ is a family name which feels appropriate for this team. It was clear that all the staff are equally enthusiastic about providing luxury coffee to the public, and the mouth-watering blends and single origin coffees they sell are testament to this passion.

Their services include coffee training, roastery and tasting sessions and Carrara Coffee also have partnerships with leading coffee machine manufacturers. Overall, it is evident that the team know that having the correct equipment and expertise can be the difference between good and exceptional coffee.


Personally, the Damora house blend has become a quick favourite of mine as it is packed full of luscious flavours and has a pleasing, sweet aftertaste which leaves you wanting more. With so many other options available though, people are certain to find a product that suits their tastes and Carrara Coffee even offer a subscription service that can be cancelled or altered at any point. Full details can be found on their website;

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